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Courses by department

These are not CD's . These are LIVE,  interactive classes with a native teacher. 
Because interaction is the key to success, all our group classes are twice a week. Interaction and practice is what increases vocabulary and give a level of confidence. No course can guarantee success unless the student engages in conversation and interaction as well as practicing the language at every oportunity outside the class. Our goal is  that at the end of each course students have gained enough level of confidence to use the language learned in life, to work or just for fun!

For private classes please e-mail your request. 



These  classes are for those individuals who want to become fluent in the Spanish language. They have some knowledge of the Spanish language back from school years but they have forgotten most of it. The course reviews all the basics and introduces the student to the conversational approach from the beginning. The course focuses on conversation.  The course has 20 units to be completed in 60 sessions. ( Aprox. 7 Months or 3 sessions per unit.) 

Text Book:
Basic Spanish Enhanced Edition: The Basic Spanish Series, 2nd Edition.
ISBN10: 1-285-05208-0 / ISBN13: 978-1-285-05208-3


This class is for those individuals who already know the basics of the Spanish grammar but they need to master it along with conversation for working, college, traveling or just for FUN. The course challenges students with conversation as well as listening comprehension and grammar.  The course has 12 lengthy units to be completed in 100 sessions.  (Aprox. 11 months or 4 sessions per unit)

Text Book:
fuentes - Conversación y Gramática
by Rusch Dominguez, Caycedo Garner
Third Edition - An intermediate Course
ISBN 0-618-46523-5
Activities Manual Workbook/Lab Manual
ISBN 0-618-46525-1


This class is for those individuals who already know the  Spanish grammar but they don't feel comfortable speaking it. The class reinforces grammar when needed but it is with focus on conversation. 

Text Book:
We use a variety of resources for conversational classes.
Format to be discussed at Conversation Open House.